• Image of ‘Embrace Gratitude’ 10ml Roll on Blend (Mood Series)

Our 'Embrace Gratitude' roll on aromatherapy blend has been hand made with high quality 100% essential oils. This gracious blend is made with Clove, Geranium & Frankincense mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Clove is a rich spice oil with pain relieving properties. Geranium is harmonising & healing, it can also help to release creative blocks. Frankincense, a sacred oil that balances all chakras, opens psychic centres & helps in meditation.

The Mood Series Blends are quick & easy to use in a convenient 10ml roll on bottle. There are no synthetic fragrances, containing only high-quality natural ingredients.
100% Essential Oil roll on blends are handmade in my workshop.

Apply to the back of the neck, and over your heart. Roll on hands, cup and inhale.