Evolve Candles combines the meditative, physical act of making with beautiful natural products and holistic therapeutic thinking to create a bespoke, handmade product. 

Each scent in the range is designed to bring natural flavours into the home and to create a sense of peace and relaxation. 

Handmade Ceramic Candles, along with glassware are hand poured using the finest natural soy wax products. No GMO or paraffin is used, ensuring the best quality candles are made at Evolve Candles.

Every product made at Evolve is crafted with a unique blend of style & edgy simplicity to suit any space. 

Tailor your fragrance to suit your mood or desired therapeutic outcome, see our range of scents below.  Evolve Candles use the highest quality fragrance oils that are a complex mixture of fragrance materials. Some fragrance oils due to the nature of their raw materials may discolour the wax, which is normal.  Our listed fragrances are NOT designer perfumes. The fragrance oils used in Evolve products are formulations of our Australian fragrance oil manufacturer & intended for making candles, soaps & diffuser oils.